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Woodworking in Essex, VT

Woodworking in Essex, VT, That Brings Your Vision to Life

When we build your custom furniture, our goal is to bring your vision to life, down to the finest details. To do that, we take the time to understand your tastes, where you plan to put the piece, and how you will use it.

Our woodworking in Essex, VT, always begins with one simple question: "What do you want?" From there, we tailor our questions for each project, asking about details like size, your style preferences, the dimensions of the room it will be occupying, what types of wood you prefer, and more. Whether you have a specific image in mind or just the seed of an idea, we work with you to refine it into an actionable plan.

Once the questionnaire is complete, we draw up the design for you to review and submit revisions. After you sign off on the design, the actual carpentry services begin. You'll have a chance to request revisions on the on-progress piece before it is finalized. We do everything possible to deliver the furniture of your dreams. Contact us today for more information on our woodworking services. 

Custom Furniture in Essex, VT

All Styles Welcome

There are hundreds of different woodworking styles in the world, including Shaker, Victorian, Modern, and many others. While we specialize in classic, traditional designs, we welcome any challenge. Likewise, while we recommend natural woods over stained, we're happy to work with any wood you desire. After all, it's your furniture.

Prices vary based on the complexity of the piece and the wood you choose, so contact us for a quote. Shippable items can be delivered anywhere. For larger orders, ask us about delivery options.

Repairs Also Available

In addition to custom carpentry, we're also happy to repair your broken furniture. Let us breathe new life into your favorite furnishings. We believe in straight talk, so we'll let you know if the repair is not worth the investment.

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